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Brendan heads home for further treatment
Written by Bruce Young   
Friday, 18 April 2014
In what was a valiant effort, Brendan has missed the cut by one shot in his first tournament back following wrist surgery six months ago.

Brendan was unsure about his readiness for the task at hand at the Token Homemate Cup when he left for Japan earlier in the week but was keen to put things to the test.

Unfortunately for Brendan he played in pain for most of the week and has made the decision to return to Australia to get further advice and treatment.

When he will next play remains uncertain but it is clear the wrist needs further rest and / or perhaps treatment before he can undergoe a rigorous series of events.

Still uncertainty about Brendan's readiness
Written by Bruce Young   
Friday, 11 April 2014
As Brendan prepares to leave for the opening event of the 2014 Japan Golf Tour's domestic season there is still some concern as to his readiness for the task at hand.

The Token Homemate Cup, an event Brendan won in 2012, is scheduled to begin on April 17th in Nagoya

"I was going pretty good until yesterday," said Brendan on Thursday of this week. "I managed to play nine holes on Tuesday and Wednesday, but yesterday was very painful and I only lasted a few holes.

"I iced it and took an anti inflammatory and am currently resting.


"I hope it was just a case of being a bit too much too soon.


Will keep you all informed